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Signs I did not know about

Ignorance is a birch. It grows tall, and swings between the border of arrogance and innocence. In 2006 I crossed the Atlantic Ocean carrying with me, without knowing it, its sprouting seeds.

I came to the land of windmills and discovered that windmills were not in every corner. That most Dutch do not wear wooden shoes, and that the only realistic traveling brochure information was the delicious Gouda cheese and how flowers were highly commercialized. Oh, yes, and the bikes. Continue reading


Oh, deer! Oh, my.

Bike riding is just like the weather here in The Netherlands, hopelessly unpredictable.
My son joined me on a bike ride some days ago, and we were determined to pedal all the way to Germany. So we left home, on a radiant sunny day, and 5 km later we crossed the border. No, there are no zeros missing. It was actually 5 km to the border! We rode on, farther and farther into Germany where grey clouds lazily rolled in the sky threatening us with a never coming rain. We were talking and laughing and hearing the clicks of the bikes’ gear changing. It was a delight!

However, euphoria is not ever lasting. Continue reading