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Ducks in a pond

Shooter’s Park


What would you expect if you were invited to a park called Shooter’s Park? If you thought of sounds of bullets echoing from behind trees, you were mistaken. At least in this case.

Schutterspark is one of the oldest public parks in the province of Limburg. It has 80 hectares (197.684 acres) of nature crossed by walking and cycling paths. It is, in a way, a cozy park. So I went there today particularly to ride around its small body of water which attracts children to paddling boats, fishing enthusiasts, and couples to the benches around the pond.



I arrived there at noon and good thing it was noon and not midnight for right at the entrance a young blue-haired woman in a long black dress, and cloak, passed by me. I could swear I had just seen a modern version of a Harry Potter character!

But everything made sense when I noticed that a small area of the park had been closed off for its first Awareness Festival.

I stopped the bike a few meters from the enclosed area just to watch the few visitors wandering between stands which offered New Age beliefs or sold New Age art. The Festival program included things like fire ceremony, tree oracle, laughter yoga. Laughter yoga? That I was curious about.

First Awareness Festival at Schutterspark

First Awareness Festival at Schutterspark

However, I decided to ride on. I circled the park pond, passed by muddy mountain bikers, and dodged dogs on leashes. Then I came back to the entrance of the festival. A quick stop to drink some water before going home. As I stood there, a little girl walked by with her father. She had her index finger pointing at me and I overheard her say that there were also people wearing sports clothing. It was funny that despite all the Woodstock offspring gathering at the festival, it was a red helmet that caught the little girl’s eye.



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  1. Isso é algo que eu gostaria de ter visto!!!! 😀

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