Zing Snap!

On The Hills of a Flat Country


So you like to ride, they asked me, yes. Can you go fast? Not really. Have you gone far? Not yet. What is keeping you back? I would say some extra kilos totally blamed on chocolates of any nationality and not big enough packs of cookies.

But I like to ride.

A surprising discovery I made after my husband presented me with my very first bicycle, since a kid, a Giant Escape 1W, cool! With it, I have been riding in the country I believe it is the best to ride a bike in the whole world: The Netherlands. Not only for its impressive organization and thus bike lanes and bike signs almost everywhere, but also for its blessed flatness. Riding in Holland, one would imagine kilometers and kilometers of effortless plains, such a comfort! And for me it would be just perfection too, except for the fact that we live in the not so famous part of the country, where it is hilly.


4 thoughts on “On The Hills of a Flat Country

  1. Nadja, if I tell you I remember the place in the picture, would you believe me? :-)) Anyways, I was so positively impressed by the flatness, beauty, organization of The Netherlands that I will never forget it. And that quick ride we did together was a hoot….even if it was short. It all makes me so jealous that bike riding is so safe there. Authorities here have invested in biking but I don’t feel safe riding around with the kind of drivers we have around here, and their mindset. Still, I am very happy you are living in such a beautiful place, and enjoying biking. Ride on!

    • 🙂 Of course I remember our ride together! Indeed The Netherlands is a great place to ride, but I am looking forward to riding in other countries as well. Hope you come back soon for us to ride together again.

  2. Nice pictures. It is sure lovely to ride around it.

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