Zing Snap!


Oh, deer! Oh, my.

Bike riding is just like the weather here in The Netherlands, hopelessly unpredictable.
My son joined me on a bike ride some days ago, and we were determined to pedal all the way to Germany. So we left home, on a radiant sunny day, and 5 km later we crossed the border. No, there are no zeros missing. It was actually 5 km to the border! We rode on, farther and farther into Germany where grey clouds lazily rolled in the sky threatening us with a never coming rain. We were talking and laughing and hearing the clicks of the bikes’ gear changing. It was a delight!

However, euphoria is not ever lasting. Continue reading



Bladder, we’ve got a problem!

Damn, I envy men!
If for one thing, they can piss almost anywhere.

Some years ago my husband and I, together with a small group of friends, adventured for a walk in the woods. While one of the men in the group discreetly strayed from us to half-hide in the bushes, I corroded in jealousy of his anatomic adv Continue reading